Quartets with piano

Ludwig van Beethoven

Quartet Op.  16


Johannes brahms

Quartet in G minor No.1 Op.  25

Quartet in A major  N ° 2 Op.  26

Quartet in C minor No.3 Op.  60


Ernest Chausson

Quartet in A major Op. 30


Anton Dvorak

Quartet in E b major Op.  87


Gabriel Fauré

Quartet in C minor No.1 Op.  15

Quartet in G minor No.2 Op. 45


Gustav Mahler

Piano quartet in a minor


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Quartet in G minor  K 478

Piano Quartet in E B major K 493


Robert Schumann

Quartet with piano in Eb  major Op. 47


Alfred Schnittke

Piano Quartet in A minor (1988)


Joaquin Turina

Piano Quartet in A minor Op.  67

Others formations

Lv Beethoven  

String trio Op.9 n ° 3

Hermann Berens

Gesellschaft Quartett Op.  80 for violin, cello and piano four hands


Johannes brahms

Sextet in B b major No.1 Op.18

Piano Quintet in F minor Op.34

Liebeslieder Walzer Op.  52 transcription for string quartet and piano four hands


Ernest Chausson  

Concert for solo violin, piano and string quartet Op.21

Anton Dvorak  

Piano Quintet in A major Op.81

Handel / Halvorsen

Passacaglia Op. 20 n ° 2  for violin and cello

Joseph Haydn

London Trio for Flute, Piano and Cello in C Major Hob IV: 1

Felix mendelssohn

String octet in E b  major Op.20


Zoltan Kodaly

Duo for violin and cello Op. 7


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Divertimento (string trio)  K563

Quartets with flute:

in D major K285,

in C major K285B,

in A major K298

Quintet for two violas  N ° 4 K516

David popper

Requiem for 3 cellos and piano Op. 66


Franz Schubert

Two cello quintet D956

String trio  in B flat major D471

Robert Schumann

Piano Quintet in E B major Op.44


Emile Sécheret

Two cello quintet

Carl Stamitz

Quartet with Flute in D minor Op.  4 No. 3


Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky

String Sextet in D minor Op. 70

"Souvenir of Florence"

Cello and orchestra

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Concerto in A minor Wq 170

Concerto in A major Wq 172

Ernest Bloch

Schelomo (Hebrew Rhapsody)

Johannes brahms

Double Concerto in A minor Op.  102

Dmitry Shostakovich

Concerto No. 1 in E flat major Op. 102

Joseph Haydn

Concerto No. 2 in D major Hob VII: 2


Camille Saint-Saëns

Concerto No.1 in A minor Op.  33

Robert Schumann

Concerto in A minor Op.  129

Cello solo

Johann sebastian bach
Suites for solo cello:

  • n ° 1 BWV 1007 

  • n ° 2 BWV 1008 

  • n ° 3 BWV 1009  

Thomas Blomenkamp 
Suite for solo cello (2010)

Gaspar Cassadó
Suite for solo cello (1926)

Paul Hindemith
Sonata Op.
  25 no.  3

Volker David Kirchner
"Und Salomo sprach" (1987)

Witold Lutoslawski
Sacher Variation (1975)

Marin Marais
The follies of Spain

Alfred Schnittke
Improvisation Op.
  237 (1993)

Eugene Ysaÿe
Sonata Op.

Sonatas with piano

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata No.3 in A minor Op.  69

Sonata No.4 in C major Op.  102 n ° 1


Leon Boëllmann

Sonata in A minor Op.  40


Johannes brahms

Sonata No.1 in E minor Op.  38


Frédéric Chopin

Sonata in G minor Op.  65


Claude Debussy



Cesar Franck

Sonata in A major


Zoltan Kodaly



George onslow

Sonata No.2 in C minor Op.  16


Sergei Prokofiev

Sonata in C major Op.  119


Max Reger

Sonata n ° 4 Op.  116


Franz Schubert

Sonata for Arpeggione D 821


Camillo Schumann

Sonata No.1 in G minor Op.  59


Georg schumann

Sonata in E minor Op.  19


Robert Schumann

Fünf Stücke im Volkston Op. 102

Cello / piano

Ernest Bloch



Frédéric Chopin

Introduction &  Polonaise brillante Op.  3


Guillaume Connesson

Dance in front of the king of the world  


Gabriel Fauré

Papillon in A major Op.  77

After a dream Op.  7 n ° 1

Elegy in C minor Op.  24

Romance in A major Op.  69

Lullaby Op. 16


Bohuslav Martinu

Variations on a theme by Rossini


Felix mendelssohn

Lied ohne Worte Op.  109


Niccolo Paganini

Variations  "Mose-Fantasia"


David popper

Concert polish  Op.  14

Tarantella Op.  33

Gavotte  Op.  23 n ° 2

Menuetto Op.  65 n ° 2

Camille Saint-Saëns

Animal Carnival - The Swan


Robert Schumann

Adagio-Allegro Op.  70

Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky

Sentimental Waltz Op.  51 no.6

String quartets

Ludwig van Beethoven 
Quartet Op.
  18 No.1 in F major
Quartet Op.
  18 No.6 in B flat major
Quartet Op.
  59 n ° 1 in F major
Quartet Op.
  59 n ° 2 in E minor
Quartet Op. 132 in A minor

Guillaume Connesson
Quartet (2010)

Antonin Dvorak
Quartet n ° 12 in F major "American"

Joseph Haydn
Quartet Op.
  33 n ° 1 in b minor

Complete Op . 76:
No.1 in G major
N ° 2 in D minor “Les Quintes”
No. 3 in C major “The Emperor”
No. 4 in B flat major “Sunrise”
No.5 in D major
No.6 in E flat major

Leoš Janáček
Quartet n ° 1 “The Kreutzer Sonata”

Garth Knox


György Kurtag
12 Microludes

Felix mendelssohn
Quartet in A minor Op.
Quartet in F minor Op.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio and Fugue K 546
Quartet K 387
Quartet K 465 “Dissonances”
Quartet K 428
Quartet K 421

George onslow
Quartet in E flat major Op.

Sergei Prokofiev
Quartet n ° 1 Op.
  50 in b minor

Maurice Ravel
Quartet in F major Op.

Franz Schubert
No. 12
  "Quartettsatz" D703
N ° 13 "Rosamunde" D804
N ° 14 “The Maiden and Death” D810

Hanning Schröder
7 Miniatures
Lied der Moorsoldaten

Erwin Schulhoff:
Quartet (1924)

Anton Werben:

Fünf Sätze für Streichquartett Op.5

Trios with piano

Johannes brahms

Trio in B major Op.  8


Frédéric Chopin

Trio in G minor Op.  7


Anton Dvorak

Trio n ° 4  Op.  90 "Dumky"


Joseph Haydn

Trio in F major Hob XV: 2

Trio in G major Hob XV: 5

Trio "Gypsy" Hob XV: 25

Trio in A major Hob XV: 35

Felix mendelssohn

Trio in D minor Op.  49

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