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"Musical moments are also distinguished in the interpretation of the artists in the sense that one does not perceive real time while listening to the music ".

"We can only pay tribute to the French enthusiasts for their contribution to the international rediscovery of these composers".


Gramofon - Fittler Katalin




"Cyrielle Golin's cello seizes these expressive passages with ardor and delicacy in perfect harmony with Antoine Mourlas's piano redoubling the intensity of these tumultuous chords. The poetry wins with this andante cantabile with diaphanous nuances perfectly rendered by our two musicians ..."



grey panthers.jpg


[And it is now the curiosity and commitment of cellist Cyrielle Golin and pianist Antoine Mourlas, and their passionate interpretation, to bring out of oblivion these two more than interesting Sonates for cello and piano that worthily surround in the program that masterpiece which are Robert's Fünf Stücke im Volkston op.102]

Ferruccio Nuzzo - Grey Panthers 


Muzlifemagazine 3.png


This is facilitated by the cello and piano duo, which has the most "humanized" sound of all instrumental ensembles. Siriel Golin and Antoine Murlas "sang" perfectly. They feel each other literally on a telepathic level, acting synchronously and making the most of the wealth of the timbre palette of their instruments, without missing a single shade of light or a single little nuance. The work is truly born anew, thanks to the refined interpretation and skill of the musicians!

𝐶𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑜 𝑆𝑐𝘩𝑢𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑛, 𝑆𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑡a 𝑂𝑝. 𝟧𝟫 𝑛°𝟣

[If the Schumann's cycle hadn't been played quite often by different duets, it would have been safe to say that it was impeccable and emotionally intense !]

𝑅𝑜𝑏𝑒𝑟𝑡 𝑆𝑐𝘩𝑢𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑛, 𝐹𝑢̈𝑛𝑓 𝑆𝑡𝑢̈𝑐𝑘𝑒 𝑖𝑚 𝑉𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑛

[Perhaps, Golin and Mourlas gave all modern romanticists the confidence that their ideals will live for at least a century and a half.]

Maria Zalesskaya - Muzlifemagazine (Russia)




[One will appreciate the broad generosity of Cyrielle Golin's cello and the passion of the pianist Antoine Mourlas' touch, perfectly captured by an excellent sound recording at a good distance, neither too far away nor too close up.]

Benito Pelegrín - La Revue Marseillaise du Théâtre




[Inspired, passionate, Cyrielle Golin throws her bow as if she was looking for the right measure of the world. At her side, Antoine Mourlas makes the tragic harmonies roar with all his conviction. They are super-chouette-inventive-and-talented. Don't miss them!]

Frédérick Casadesus - Médiapart




[This is a very attractive CD ... Our interpreters give us a feverish reading of these post-romantic pages].

[Georg Schumann's Sonata opus 19 finds here two chosen interpreters].

Marc Laborde - Utmisol




[For the ear, this is a romantic home for pleasure, shamelessly and without false modesty in the rich effects that make the chorus beat and arouse emotions]

Jean-Marc Warszawski -




[Thanks to the work accomplished by the musicians, the disc can be listened to with a single breath: each work has its own sound unit, its own melodic luminosity, and at the same time they can be listened to with ease and are well "caught"]

Orpheus Radio Russia




The compositional quality associated with a cello with a generous sound and a deep keyboard ... establishing a beautiful dialogue between the two talented musicians].

Frédéric Isoletta - Journal Zibeline


Klassik Heute.png


[The question remains: Is the music worth listening to? And the recording by Cyrielle Golin and Antoine Mourlas answers this with a loud, clear, enthusiastic "Yes!]

[The way Golin and Mourlas approach the piece is pleasing because of their energy and vitality].

[In the reverberant, generous, somewhat beautiful acoustics, they sound great: Golin's sonorous, legato joyful and quiet tone in the Sonata op. 19 by Georg Schumann even goes in the direction of Pierre Fournier.]

Jens F. Laurson - Klassik Heute


The Whole Note.png


"Cyrielle Golin's cello seizes these expressive passages with ardor and delicacy in perfect harmony with Antoine Mourlas's piano redoubling the intensity of these tumultuous chords. The poetry wins with this andante cantabile with diaphanous nuances perfectly rendered by our two musicians ..."





[Here's a beautiful duet, where the cello expresses itself with nobility and the piano is by no means relegated to the background]

Simon Corley - ConcertoNet.ccom




[An invigorating record, perfect to escape in a difficult period. With a commendable approach consisting in presenting us rare and sometimes forgotten things, but which are nevertheless not at all devoid of interest. Cyrielle Golin and Antoine Mourlas offer us a useful record, as much on a musicological aspect as on a purely playful one.]

Anthony Ndika - Le blog de Andika


classique news.png


[The two instrumentalists act as partners in a particularly original and pioneering cycle... playing on the suppleness, the roundness of an accomplished, secret, harmonically voluptuous fusion.]

Lucas Irom - Classiques news




[Here's an unusual musical and patronymic confrontation... Cyrielle Golin and Antoine Mourlas invites music lovers to an exceptional romantic and post-romantic musical moment]

Edith Weber - L’Éducation Musicale


Froggy's delight.jpg


The two musicians complement each other perfectly, with an overall sound where each one fully blossoms. And then there's this very great musicality with finesse and subtlety, a sense of phrasing, of singing that carries us throughout the record].

Jérôme Gillet - Froggy’s delight


Opus Klassiek.jpg


[A duo that even makes us believe that in this repertoire the three composers on stage are not inferior to each other.]

Aart van der Wal - Opus Klassiek 




[Artists know how to associate coherence guiding the ear,
characterization of the different segments and concern to make music by the nuances, the synchronicity of breathing and the precision, very regulated, in the exchanges].

[It's technically awesome, musically superpassionate, humanly joyful, and musically wow.]

Bertrand Ferrier


MCM interview.jpg



[Our common attraction to the Romantic period guided us in our search and it was almost by chance that Camillo Schumann crossed our path. The musical encounter we had with his 1st sonata was so intense that we immediately felt the desire to put it on the programme of our concerts and to introduce our public to this formidable composer! It was while continuing our explorations that we became aware of the existence of his elder brother, Georg Schumann, also an emeritus composer and that the idea of recording it on disc naturally took shape because, to our great delight, his unique sonata is absolutely marvellous].

Propos recueillis par Clément Landru - Musique Classique Mag




[The French Cyrielle Golin and her both compliant and stimulating partner Antoine Mourlas provide interpretations that are so experienced that this Schumann meeting is very successful.]

Jan de Kruijff - Musicalifeiten 


Audiophile Magazine.jpg

REVIEW / AWARD "Grand Frisson 2020"


[And this is the common denominator of these three compositions by Schumann, that of an insistent and shimmering cello, combined with an elegant and refined piano, in a simple musical discourse accessible to the greatest number of people.
Beyond these three works for piano and cello, which are as many little jewels, the accuracy of a passionate interpretation, the excellent sound recording, everything contributes to make this album a little marvel].

Joël Chevassus - Audiophile Magazine 


Thierry Vagne.png


[An original program that introduces two talented and professional composers, all performed with warmth and commitment by Cyrielle Golin on the cello and Antoine Mourlas on the piano]. 

Thierry Vagne- Musique classique & co



REVIEW / AWARD "Album de la semaine"

[An album full of feelings that move us by their beauty and by the closeness that emerges from them. 
[Romanticism at its peak, touching!] 

Nicolas Roberge - Classique HD




[Golin and Mourlas perform for the occasion the first and third movements of Camillo Schumann's sonata n°1 opus 59 (composed in 1905) and the last two movements of Georg Schumann's sonata opus 19 (from 1898) which develops a sumptuous cello song, in which the verve and sensitivity of Cyrielle Golin blossoms. Rarely has a musician been seen to embody so perfectly the music she interprets! ] 
[At his side, the pianist Antoine Mourlas, with his faunal vivacity, acts as a reminder of the present day, as brilliant in the virtuoso passages as he is attentive to the cello's singing. The contrasts of the two musicians merge perfectly and they give a lively and profound interpretation of these sonatas of romantic lyricism, full of impulses that take away any sigh of weariness].  

Flore Vedry Roussev - Classicagenda



CHRONICLE / AWARD "Fortissimo"


[From the very first notes, from the very first bars of Camillo's Sonata Opus 19, Cyrielle and Antoine seem to have given themselves the word: to draw the clearest, sharpest lines possible - everywhere: no heaviness in the attacks, transitions - in the projected SOUND. Everything READ-ABLE.]
[Barely after a note has been extinguished, it is always with extreme precision that piano and cello resume their dialogue: to say that mutual listening is exceptional here is an understatement].

Clément Landru - Musique Classique Mag



REVIEW / AWARD "Supersonic pizzicato"

[Thanks to the first-class playing of Cyrielle Golin and Antoine Mourlas, a perfect duo in all respects, all three works gain in relief and inner drive. The tension lasts from the first to the last minute, and the listener experiences the finest chamber music for 70 minutes. It is really worth getting to know the two works of Camillo and Georg Schumann in these stirring and at every moment fascinating interpretations] 

Alain Steffen - Pizzicato




[Cellist Cyrielle Golin and pianist Antoine Mourlas sign their first recording together. Their musical sensitivities merge wonderfully in these romantic works where the pianist's sound and rhythmic momentum combine marvellously with the cellist's ardour and lyricism so that we can only hope that these two artists will introduce us to new composers and new works]. 

Frédéric Boucher - Le Mag d'Holmès


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